British travellers stuck in German airport amid ban

By Chathushka Perera

London, UK (CWBN)_ Following the discovery of the new strain of Covid-19 spreading rapidly in the UK, several members of the European Union, including France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium imposed travel bans against the UK.

A German newspaper reported that owing to the development, a large number of travellers (around 60), including families with children, are reportedly stuck at the Hannover Airport, Lower Saxony.

A video released by the news agency depicted passengers being tested for Covid-19 by health officials in hazmat suits, as they plead to be returned home, while others claimed that they are being held against their will, pending their test results.

The passengers have been confined to an airport terminal and have been provided camping beds to spend the night.

Local authorities have claimed that their objective is to prevent the spread of the viral variant into the region. Should the passengers test negative, they are expected to be placed under quarantine for a period of ten days, and Covid testing will be conducted every 5 days during this time frame.

Passengers who test positive will be transported to a quarantine facility in the area.

As previously reported, the British government claimed that the strain is suspected to be around 70 percent more transmissible than the previous version of the virus encountered earlier this year.

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