Scottish university lectures to continue online…

It looks like Scotland is looking at way where large Lecture halls where students are physically supposed to be present are to be remote and the students can learn from the safety of their own homes. This will be done via remote online learning, or pre-recorded, with only smaller group learning and tutorials carried out face-to-face at the vast majority of universities. Some universities say they have not yet finalized their plans, ahead of updated Scottish Government guidance to be confirmed next week when First Minister Nicola Sturgeon makes a statement to parliament about further easing of restrictions – but most stated that regardless of national restrictions by the time the new term starts, they will not offer large lectures in person in the coming academic session. None have committed to returning fully to in-person learning from September, even if restrictions allow. 

Out of Scotland’s 18 physical universities excluding the Open University, which has always offered courses entirely remotely 16 said students would continue to…

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