Teachers’ TikTok and class karaoke among ways to keep students going

From karaoke to TikTok, Auckland’s teachers are using every trick they can think of to keep their pupils interested in learning through the lockdown. Which is ideal considering for older students adapting to this sudden change of online schooling is going to be difficult as they have been in a physical school for a lot longer than they have been online schooling. 

Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate principal, Kiri Turketo, said the lockdown did not have the novelty value of last years’ experience and that was making it harder to enthuse students.

She claimed that “This time it’s different, we’ve done it before and it’s ‘oh no here we go again’. So the motivation in students is lower than what it was the last time, it’s almost like every person on deck has become a personal trainer, life coach,” 

When the nation moved to alert level 4 last month, Sir Edmund Hillary Collegiate English and social studies teacher Europa Lusa dusted off his microphone and resumed his emergency entertainment channel – lockdown karaoke.

He said he started recording and posting his karaoke online during the national lockdown last year as a way of entertaining his family and friends.

But when he returned to school he found out…

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