An ‘appealing’ transition from offshore oil to offshore wind

 jobs by the end of this decade. Nevertheless, some experts point out that there are pending applications of more than 10 projects which are set to develop rapidly. “Star of the South, one of the projects in Victoria and probably the furthest along in terms of development could actually start production around 2024 or 2025,” Sven Teske,  the research director at the Institute for Sustainable Futures, of University of Technology Sydney, noted. 

He further noted that Australia already has really good onshore wind resources, as well as sufficient solar resources, which may suggest that there is no need for offshore wind. However, the emerging new sector is very economic, and the skills required for its operation is similar to that of offshore oil and offshore gas. “So, the transition from offshore oil and gas towards offshore wind is a very appealing one,” professor Teske added. 

The most recent project that was proposed by SA OffShore Windfarm is expected to be set up in Kingston in the south-east of South Australia. If the $1.75 billion project does receive approval, its construction would begin as early as 2024.

Under the initiative offshore wind farm developer will set up 75 offshore wind turbine generators, with a capacity to generate about 600 megawatts, which is said to be sufficient to power over 400,000 homes in South Australia.

According to the chief executive of the Kingston District Council, Nat Traeger, the development will make way for a range of economic opportunities for the town, including the creation of 800 job opportunities during a two-year construction phase and another 100 or operational maintenance thereafter. “If it goes ahead it will be an absolutely huge economic windfall for our community and the whole Limestone Coast,” Traeger noted. 

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