Top 10 Food you have to try in Bangladesh

  • Panta – Ilish – this dish is actually made with leftover rice from the day before. How it is done is when there is rice left over from a meal that is then soaked overnight, it is then seasoned with salt chili and onion. It can also be served with pickled fish.
  • Morog Polao (Chicken Pilaf) – the main ingredients used in making this dish is chicken and flavored rice. It is cooked with clarified butter, yoghurt and many spices to give it a unique flavor. Most people will also use oil with butter to make it tastes better as the dish is known to be a rich Bengali dish.
  • Bhuna Khichuri – this dish is mainly a mixture of deep fried brown rice and lentil. It’s an easy dish to make which is one of the reasons people like to make this dish more often than other dishes. The dish also has a delicious aroma making it hard for people to refuse eating it. Although it is mainly lentils and vegetables, one can add any meat they want to it or even egg or seafood to enhance the taste of the dish more.
  • Rice along with Vorta and Vaji – everywhere one travels in Bangladesh they will find this dish. Vorta and Vaji are different types of curry dishes that could be either vegetarian of meat or even seafood, the Bengali people love to eat fish. This dish brings together 2 of the main dishes in Bangladesh which is rice and fish.”
  • Labra – Vegetable Curry – as the name suggests this is not just one vegetable but more of a mixed vegetable curry. Commonly used veggies would be cauliflowers, eggplants, capsicums, carrots, beans, peas, but potato is always used as the main ingredient for this curry. Also, they add many kinds of Masalas to make the curry tastier. Some people add yoghurt in the curry for marinating the vegetables nicely.
  • Mishti Doi (Sweet Yoghurt) – this is considered to be a low fat dessert. It is commonly served at Bengali weddings and it completes any special occasion menu. The consistency and taste is similar to a creamy cheesecake.

Lassi and Borhani – “Lassi” and “Borhani” are two popular drinks of Bangladesh. These two taste completely different from each other. But the reason to name them together is the main ingredient of both this item is yoghurt.

  • Borhani is a spicy yoghurt drink, while Lassi is a sweet yoghurt drink. But both are served specially on weddings. Apart from yoghurt, cumin and mint are used in Borhani. In addition, Borhani helps in digestion system.
  • In Lassi, the other items except yoghurt are water, spices and fruit syrups. Lassi is taken more on hot-weather days. And what you must know is that along with being tasty, these two items are healthy too.
  • Fuchka – this is a common street food seen in Bangladesh. It tastes sour, crispy and spicy. The dish is a little fried puri filled with a flavored water, smashed potatoes, chilli, tamarind chutney and chaat masala
  • Sweets – there are many types of sweets to be tried in the country such as Rashomalai, Rashogolla, Sandesh, Kalo Jam, Balushai, Chom Chom, Amriti, Bundiya, and Falooda.
  • Pithas (Rice Cakes) – this is made with Rice flour hence the reason to be called a rice cake. The most common one is the one with Jaggery and coconut. This dish is made mainly during the cold season and eaten when warm.

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