Australian Hospitals register growing number of youngsters in ICU

the longer time they spend in the ICU. According to her, people under the age of 40 accounted for 25% of Covid-related admissions. Furthermore, the treatment they require is not available on other wards, because the ICU beds are not available and are not vacated quick enough to accommodate new patients.


Dr Nguyen explained the current situation of the hospitals in the country. She noted the shortage for life-support equipment, with an increasing number of patients. She highlighted the need for immediate vaccination. She said, “There are those who are on breathing machines and on heart and lung machines. Our nurses and doctors provide the best and compassionate care, and we need your help. We know it is difficult at the moment. We are worried about the increasing number of patients who are admitted to the wards because we know at some stage they will need the intensive care team’s care. It isn’t a good day when you need to meet that team. We would prefer to never meet you and your families.”

Dr Nguyen said, “everyone in ICU didn’t think it would happen to them. There are patients who were going about and doing essential activities. And what is devastating is that the transmission through families is very unlike the Alpha strain last year … It is now a 100 percent (transmission).”


On Monday, there were 818 new Covid-19 cases in NSW, including three deaths. The hospital currently treats 586 Covid-19 cases, and around 100 individuals are in critical care supported with life-saving devices, and 32 of them are in need of immediate ventilation. Dr. Nguyen delivered her urgent message to individuals in southwestern and western Sydney who are between 16 to 39 years old. She advised everyone to get the vaccine. She said, “Please, if you are able, get your first shot of the vaccine because we know it will protect you”.

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