UK hospitals to adopt wheelchair docking stations

London, United Kingdom (CU)_ Two NHS hospitals become the first in the United Kingdom to be equipped with an innovative wheelchair docking station as a result of a collaboration with an Israeli business Wheelshare. Wheelchair docking stations address the issue of guests or patients being unable to locate a wheelchair. Such people will benefit from this unique service.

In addition to the Northumbria Specialist Emergency Care Hospital, the North Tyneside General Hospital will also be equipped with wheelchair-sharing stations provided by the Israeli firm Wheelshare. The wheelchair docking stations, which are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and are free of cost, are intended to put an end to the dilemma of patients or guests who require wheelchairs but are unable to locate one at the appropriate moment.


Damon Kent, managing director of Trust’s estates subsidiary, expressed delight over the new initiative. He said, “We’re really pleased to be leading the way on this and becoming the first hospitals in the country to install this technology, as we look to ensure the best possible experience for patients and visitors to our sites”.

According to Nir Tobis of Wheelshare, traditional hospital-based wheelchair service frequently resulted in limited availability and difficulties for patients in locating a chair when needed. He spoke about the benefits of the wheelchair docking stations. He said, “Our innovative docking stations offer a user-friendly solution to all of this and we pride ourselves on providing a service that really makes a difference to patients, visitors and staff, ensuring that they can easily access a chair so that their visit to the hospital is as smooth as possible”.

Additionally, the docking system will have a 24-hour maintenance hotline to guarantee that the chairs are in good working order. In the initial stage, the technology will be tested for 12 months. According to Wheelshare, it has registered over 1 million rental hours worldwide with approximately 150,000 individual users.

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