Westmead Hospital launches world-first 3D imaging technology for early diagnosis of melanoma

Sydney, Australia (CU)_ A world-first 3D imaging technology now accessible at the Westmead Health Precinct will help diagnose and treat potentially fatal skin cancer at the earliest. Westmead Hospital owns one of Australia’s 15 modern equipment capable of 3D full body mapping, which allows researchers to study and monitor moles and skin patches over time.

According to Professor Pablo Fernández-Peas, Westmead Hospital dermatology department head, the new 3D scanner might be a game changer for early detection and management of skin cancer. Professor Fernández-Peñas spoke about the new technology. He said, “We will have, in just one photo, the whole body scan. So we will be able to get a baseline photo of every patient, and then we can follow these people along the years and see if any lesion changes or grows and looks like it’s going to grow into a melanoma. Then as soon as it starts to change we can remove it.”

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