‘I started practising with a broken hockey stick’: Indian women’s hockey team captain’s journey to the top

(CU)_The Indian women’s hockey team who won a billion hearts and Twitterati praise, finished fourth at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics on Friday (6 August). Although they did miss out on a medal at the Games, it was yet a momentous achievement for the team which fished last at 2016 international sporting event in Rio de Janeiro. Following Friday’s game, India Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke with the team on phone, when he congratulated them, noting that although their four-five years of hard work did not convert to a medal, they should not be disappointed. “[…] your hard work and sweat have become an inspiration to crores of daughters of the country,” the Prime Minister said. 

However, it was not only the team’s historical achievement at the Olympic Games, but also their incredible background story, that captured the hearts of billions of people in the South Asian nation and across the globe. Most of the members of the team come from extreme…

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