NZ Tinder users: ‘Just want someone to buy a house!

WELLINGTON (CU)_Over the past decade, house prices in New Zealand have reported a noteworthy escalation. This was particularly exacerbate throughout the recent years, with problems with affordability, ultra-low interest rates and a faster-than expected post-pandemic economic recovery pushing prices to an all-time high. When considering how long it would take to for an average household to save before having enough for a deposit, in the month of July alone, this length of time increase by two weeks to a record-high of 250 weeks. Against such a background, a larger proportion of young sing people are finding themselves excluded from the housing market.

This was reflected in the recent rise in the number of Tinder users in the Trans-Tasman nation claiming to be looking for a partner to help buy a house. Data issued by the online dating application revealed that between June 2020 and June 2021, there was a rise of 2.6 times in the mention of the phrase “buy a house” in the bios of New Zealand users.

Although many of these expressions may have been…

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