“We became vaccine beggars”, slams Congress leader

New Delhi, India (CU)_ According to the Congress, due to the government’s negligence in tackling the pandemic, India has come down from its position of world leader in vaccine development to a vaccine beggar. Following the record of more than 2.93 lakh COVID-positive cases in 24 hours, Ajay Maken, the senior Congress spokesperson, commented that the government is testing people’s patience rather than coronavirus-positive patients. He slammed the BJP for accusing the Congress of playing politics, claiming that the ruling party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi were engaged more into politics than pandemic.

Mr Maken accused the prime minister for being only interested in politics and campaigning even at the midst of a pandemic rather than taking initiatives to combat the virus and offering good governance. He complained that the prime minister did not guide the people well nor paid attention to the spreading virus, and that they have been compelled to manage themselves in these difficult times. Mr Maken went on to say that the prime minister had abdicated his duties. He said, “India which was a vaccine leader has been reduced to a vaccine beggar. Modi ji has turned a strong country helpless. For the Modi government, profiteering is more important than the lives of people”.

According to Mr Maken, Prime Minister Modi’s address to the country on Tuesday was an empty speech without any messages or directions to the people. States and the general public expected the prime minister to provide some relief, but as usual, the 18 minutes of his speech dispirited the people. He said, “It had no direction, no empathy for the poor and those affected by the pandemic were left high and dry. There is a complete failure of the government’s management of the situation in the country”. The Congress leader also slammed the government for running out of oxygen, Remdesivir drug, and other essential equipment, demanding that the government should use NIA and ED to prosecute those who engage in illegal sales of life-saving drugs.

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Referring to the migrant workers, he mentioned that still many unpleasant scenes are happening around the country where migrant workers are trying hard to return home, and that it is the duty of the government confirm that they return with dignity, noting that more than 3 crore workers were compelled to walk back to their native and many lost their lives last year. He said, “It seems that we have not learnt anything from last year’s experience. Congress party demands that a monthly cash transfer of ₹ 6,000 into the accounts of these needy poor be made immediately and adequate food supply be given to urban poor during the times of lockdown/curfew.”

Mr Maken reported that India is witnessing the highest number of coronavirus cases, the fastest doubling rate in the world, and the second highest total number of cases. He argued, “We want to ask you prime minister, that India being the biggest manufacturer of vaccines in the world only about 1.03 per cent people have been vaccinated so far. If there is a shortage of life-saving drugs in India, which is the largest producer of these drugs, then it is a failure on the part of the government’s management”. He also questioned the government about its initiatives to improve health infrastructure.

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