Not for the first time has British eccentricity showed itself at its most stupendous

LONDON (CU)_Yesterday, hundreds of thousands of Brits came out to the sun into crowded parks and beaches as though the COVID virus had just vanished! British amnesia, especially among the young who are recklessly endangering their lives and others is truly dreadful to behold. In normal circumstances, this British chutzpah has carried this small island race to create the greatest Commonwealth the world has ever seen. But defying a virus is not very sensible. Right now, when Britain has under the Conservative government achieved global plaudits for controlling this virus and producing the largest vaccination programme, all that could be put at risk by this idiocy resulting in short term gain for long term misery.

We urge the British government to ban mass gatherings immediately.

Crowds grew in Hyde Park Credit: NB PRESS LTD
A reveller with a balloon in Leeds Credit: Ben Lack
Thousands filled Hyde Park in Leeds, West Yorkshire this afternoon Credit: Ben Lack
Crowds gathered in Richmond, London Credit: News Group Newspapers Ltd
Quad bikes were ridden dangerously around Cannon Hill in Birmingham Credit: SnapperSK
People flocked to Primrose Hill toda Credit: The Sun

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