Air NZ to fly direct to Tasmania

There has been massive travel restrictions with this highly contagious virus that has now becoming a global pandemic. And most if not all countries’ shut down their borders and refused to let people enter the country or leave their country. It was a fair few months before governments decided that it was ok for there to be internal travel let alone travel outside of the country.

New Zealand took the pandemic far more seriously than most countries and shut down its borders and did not open them till they were at patient zero. And whilst most countries did this the one aspect that suffered the most was the airlines. All airlines did not think they would have to take the hit that it did take during the pandemic and with economies coming near collapse there was no way a singular country could manage to support its airlines.

But as we came out of the pandemic we saw that countries were resuming some sense of normalcy and flight began operating. Coming back to New Zealand, Air New Zealand still does not fly to all its international destinations but they have added a few new extra destinations that are considered safe enough.

Air New Zealand has added a direct flight to Tasmania they plan to start these flights as soon as the quarantine free travel opens up. The flight will be Auckland to Hobart direct.

Chief executive Greg Foran said it would not only be an economic boost for Auckland and tourism hotspots such as Rotorua and Queenstown, but New Zealanders would also be able to experience the richness of Australia’s second-oldest city. The no-stop flights will run on Thursdays and Sundays.

There is promised hope that there will be two way travel bubbles that will be in operation between Tasmania and New Zealand by April.

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