Cooks Govt urges end to rumor mill as passengers test negative

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (CU)_Officials of the Cooks Government has urged people to refrain from spreading misinformation and reassured the public about their safety from the Coronavirus.

In a statement issued by the Bob Williams, Secretary of Health, he confirmed that passengers on board a flight from Auckland last week tested negative for the virus.

He further stated that with the exception of 3 passengers, the rest of them were not required to confine themselves to self-isolation.

It appeared that the 3 passengers in question had visited a location that was included in New Zealand’s newest COVOD-19 outbreak.

However Williams said the risk was low and they hadn’t been identified as casual contacts.

Nevertheless, the 3 passengers were advised by the Ministry of Health to complete their sel-isolation 14 day quarantine period and to be re-tested over the following two weeks.

3 more passengers on a flight that arrived on Friday were also subjecting themselves to self-quarantine for the very same reasons.

Entry back into the community is allowed for all passengers who returned a negative test report.

Stop the rumors – Williams

People have been advised by Bob Williams to refrain from spreading false information about the Coronavirus.

Un-supported rumors and gossip about Covid-19 have been wide spread in the Cook Islands.

The Secretary Health has informed that rumors of this nature can cause unnecessary and anxiety and also be dangerous.

Williams said the coronavirus had been kept at bay by everyone remaining vigilant and working together.

This needed to continue, he added.

He said honesty played a major role in combating the Coronavirus.

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