COVID-19: No new community cases, four in managed isolation

AUCKLAND, New Zealand (CU)_New Zealand has done well in the last week as there have been no community cases of COVID-19, even with four new cases in isolation. But the government is not relaxing their restrictions stating that New Zealand is still not out of the woods.

After a 21-year-old tested positive the country remained in lockdown and later on, the 21-year-old’s mother and neighbor were both found positive. It was stated by the Health Minister that travelling outside of Auckland was to remain prohibited unless there is an exception such as a work commitment or maybe a funeral.

There is constant support provided for isolated families such as welfare checks and open health lines so that they could get answers to any questions they have regarding the situation.

There is still a small number of people that have to be tested in the school community although this is because some of them had not wanted to be tested. A “management plan” with these people was being worked through despite it being about 20 days after the initial possible exposure date.

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