Scott Morrison says Christian Porter is ‘innocent under law’

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has finally broken his long silence on the matter of Christian Porter and made his first statement saying that He is innocent under the law and will be returning to work as the Attorney General and Minister of industrial Relations.

Last week Mr. Porter stated that that there was an allegation of him raping a 16 year old girl when he himself was only 17 years of age and in a very emotional press conference he denied the claim that he ever did something like this.

The decision was taken on Wednesday by Mr. Morrison to not remove Mr. Porter from being the Attorney General as well as move him to another portfolio. The statement was made in Canberra where he said  “I wouldn’t consider moving him to somewhere else, he is a fine Attorney-General and a fine Minister for Industrial Relations and he is an innocent man under our law, To suggest that there should be some different treatment applied to him based on what have been allegations that the police have closed the matter on, I think that would be grossly inappropriate to take actions against him on that basis.”

The NSW Police had no choice but to close the case stating that there was no admissible evidence against Mr. Porter as the women who claimed she was raped by Mr. Porter withdrew her complaint because of health and personal reason and then took her own life in 2020.

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