You may not want to pay £1,000 a night to stay inside it, but you can now have a peek inside Dubai’s Burj Al Arab skyscraper on a tour the hotel is calling “a fascinating journey of discovery into the untold stories of a global icon”.

Dubai is known to being extra when it comes to things like this and wit the pandemic making travel near impossible the hotels have to come up with new ways to keep their doors open and the staff employed.

Dubai is known to have staff from all over the world, as the locals have other jobs to be employed. With having foreign staff the difficulty is housing and payment. Hotels that have massive foreign staff carders tend to use up most of their reserves to house the staff and pay their basic salaries.

The Burj is the most luxurious hotel one can find in Dubai and it caters to a wide range of rich and famous. The elite have had the pleasure of being dazzled by the luxuries that the Burj has to offer. But the Burj is not in the budget of the common man and many have not the pleasure of being apart of this elite group.

The Burj has now opened its doors to the normal common man to see what the hotel has to offer. There are now tours that can be purchased at 80$ per head.

This tour offers a detailed walk around the hotel and the people on the tour are given the freedom to look around and ask questions this is also good for the publicity of the hotel as the word and mouth of this will give foreigners and locals a reason to go see it.

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