Safest places to visit in 2021

Having a feel of safety and security while living in a completely new country is absolutely the first and foremost priority of every traveler. Likewise in the year 2010-21, the version of the World’s safest places to visit is a complex issue boasted by global pandemic and other catastrophes. Ah! But nothing lasts forever- so is with the corona virus. Soon the dark hunted clouds of the corona virus Vanish and countries would slowly open their borders and people will surely travel to exciting places again.  Lightly touch on the methodology and criteria employed by most developed countries’ safeness in terms of coronavirus spread. Most countries restricted their people to remain in their homes to stay safe from COVID-19.

According to recent researches conducted based on the Global Peace Index and state departments own safety ratings following counties are among the list of 10 safest countries for travelers in 2021:

  1. Canada
  2. New Zealand
  3. Australia
  4. Iceland
  5. Switzerland
  6. Germany
  7. Sweden
  8. Italy
  9. Ireland
  10. Japan

After years of extensive research using appropriate methodology, it is clear that as a traveler Australia, New Zealand, Iceland, and Japan are quite safe countries to visit during this pandemic hectic routine. However, Canada had not been on the list for the past few years. But now it entertained itself in ranking and it debuted at number one position. Similar to the preceding one Iceland came in 32 number in the world’s safest places to visit. This year Iceland defeated the competitive venture and scored highly everywhere else and restored its destination to top-5 safest destination. Germany is also not considered a safe place to visit during this lethal pandemic. But this year it checks itself and moves up to number eight by completing the target of millennial travelers. These ratings aren’t stable, if we say Canada is safe that doesn’t mean it will also rank in the top 10 in near future.

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