Indian American establishes International University of Vedic Wellness in Chicago

Chicago, India (CU)_ A prominent Indian American community leader Dr. Mrs Santosh Kumar has established an International University of Vedic Wellness in the greater Chicago region. On the 48th death anniversary of her father Shambu Dayal Kulshresthra, Mrs Santosh Kumar took this bold and innovative step and launched the university. According to a press release, the university’s goal is to educate, preserve, and develop the ideals and values of Sanatan Dharma by combining the historic traditions with the global Hindutva philosophy in this digital era.

According to Mrs Kumar, this brick-and-mortar institution will be constructed on a 38-acre campus and will provide official certification, associate, bachelor, masters, and Ph.D. degree courses. She stated that the university will get its initial finance support from her late spouse Pramod Kumar’s trust fund and her family directly. Vasavi Chakka, dean of the International University of Vedic Wellness, delivered the inaugural speech. She praised Mrs Kumar on her foresight and attempts in founding this full-fledged university.


According to Dr. Chakka, rather than reacting adversely to unfounded misinformation, Hindu Americans should be more positive, preparing to do more to propagate their culture and give true viewpoints on Hinduism. That is exactly what Hindu Dharma and teachings imply. She went on to say that the establishment of this big university was a direct response to the unwholesome onslaught on Hinduism and Hindutva perpetrated by entrenched interests masquerading as academics.

According to the release, physician Vijay G. Prabhakar made a $100,000 donation to start an Inter-Faith Chair in Congressman Danny K. Davis’ name, which will teach the Hindu philosophy of religious tolerance as well as the basic beliefs of other faiths at the university.

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