Indian American woman becomes the head of USAID in India!

New York, USA (CU)_ Ambassador Atul Keshap, the interim chief of the US embassy in India, expressed pride and respect for the co-Indian American who was picked to command a crucial mission component in India, saying it underscores Indian Americans’ achievements in various walks of life in America. Veena Reddy has a long history of working in the areas of development and diplomacy. She was born in Andhra Pradesh and is the first Indian American to oversee USAID in India and Bhutan. 


Veena Reddy, a career member of the US senior foreign service, has been appointed as the mission director of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in India. With this accomplishment, she became the first Indian American to lead the mission. Reddy will manage the operations of USAID in India and Bhutan. She stated that she would endeavor to deepen the agency’s seven-decade relationship with the Indians and the government. 

Reddy was the mission director of USAID in Cambodia and the deputy mission director in Haiti when she served as a US foreign service officer. She previously worked as…

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