From a Refugee Camp to the House of Lords!

Mr. Ramider Singh Ranger’s life story is mesmerising. Originating from Pakistan and now of British nationality and a member of the House of Lords of the United Kingdom. His story is not just stimulating but fascinating too. 

Mr. Singh was born two months after the cruel assassination of his father, Shaheed Nanak Singh who was also indeed an eminent figure, a personality who was against the breakup of India based on religion. He said, “India’s diversity was like the colours of a rainbow, its charm and beauty would diminish if one were removed”. Unfortunately, the extremists could not gain value of his vision of a united India, free from rivalry and Nanak Singh was assassinated whilst trying to save 600 students of DAV School, Multan who were caught up in communal riots. The students’ lives were saved at the loss of his own. He was martyred for the sake of Hindu Muslim unity and religious tolerance in India.

Given the circumstances of losing his father even before he was born, having lost his ancestral   premises and becoming the breadwinner of the family began his life with his beloved mother and seven siblings in a refugee camp in Patiala, India

He was raised up by his…

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