NGOs prescribe free education as solution to poverty, insecurity

As Nigeria joined the rest of the world to mark the International Day of Charity yesterday, a coalition of over 500 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) suggested adoption of the free education policy of the late Premier of the defunct Western Region, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, by government to address the poverty and insecurity in the country.

This seems like a great education policy for it is a recognized child and human right for everyone to receive and education. And many countries don’t have the option of free education as governments can’t bear the singular costs of running a school. 

President, Global Tech Empowerment Foundation, Ambassador Asogbon Godwin, who addressed journalists on behalf of the coalition in Abuja, regretted that the “poverty rate in Nigeria keeps increasing due to lack of due diligence in the management of public funds meant for the citizens.”

He went on: “Our organization will be giving out scholarships to five northern students in the coming days. If I have government support, we may also introduce free education system just like Awolowo did. It is very easy, if the resources are there. Awolowo once said that the children of the poor that you fail you train today will come after your own children tomorrow. So, it is the failure to care for the poor people is what amalgamated to the crisis we are facing today.”

He called on the Federal Government to involve NGOs in its programmes to eliminate penury. This would help countries that are under developed and are developing as they need to educate their young. And if proper education systems are put in place at nos cos for the people who genuinely cannot afford it then the country itself would prosper for the better as opposed to youngsters leaving to gain their knowledge in foreign countries via scholarship. 

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