Indiaspora launches a new book on the achievements of Indian Americans

Texas, USA (CU)_ The release of the new book “Kamala Harris and the Rise of Indian-Americans,” an introductory anthology on the Indian American community in the United States, will be celebrated with a virtual book launch at Indiaspora. The virtual launching event was planned to be held soon, and contributors to the book will deliver their speech at the event. Following the discussion, the authors will engage with the audience for a question and answer session.

According to a press statement from Indiaspora, the book “Kamala Harris and the Rise of Indian Americans”, which was published on July 15th, was influenced by the US Vice-President Kamala Harris and demonstrates the growth and successes of the Indian-American diaspora. With 16 articles written by eminent Indian Americans, the collection, compiled by the legendary editor Tarun Basu and published by the award-winning Wisdom Tree, reveals the success stories behind these achievements.


Achievers and leaders from diverse fields highlight their own journeys to success and share their thoughts on diasporic growth, ranging from politics to the new administration, entrepreneurism to technology, healthcare to hospitality, research to education, business to entertainment, philanthropy to social activism and so on. These anecdotes are part of a bigger story about the Indian-American community’s progress in the United States.

The book’s editor Tarun Basu said, “A fascinating and inspiring story of how an immigrant population from a developing country, with low education levels, became the most educated, highest-earning ethnic community in the world’s most advanced nation in almost a single generation”. The following authors will be speaking at the book launch event: Editor Tarun Basu; Dr. Shamita Das Dasgupta, co-founder of Manavi; Raj L Gupta, chairman of Aptiv PLC and Avantor Inc; Bijal Patel, chairman of the California Hotel & Lodging Association (CHLA); MR Rangaswami, founder of Indiaspora; Dr. Maina Chawla Singh, a scholar of gender, identity, and the Indian diaspora, and others.


MR Rangaswami, the renowned Indian-American venture capitalist, shared his views about the book. He said, “The story of Vice President Kamala Harris ascending to the Vice Presidency is one of public service, and of struggle, hard work and the diaspora’s potential to succeed. She embodies the promise that so many first- and second-generation Indian Americans are aspiring to — whether in public service or an increasing array of different fields — as this bo­ok attests to”.

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