Does size really matter?


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SINGAPOR (COMMONWEALTH UNION) – Since the time one can remember travelling has been the ne thing that keep humans interested in seeing new places. Weather its s for business or for pleasure the one thing we all do when we are given the opportunity to travel out of our home towns is to catch in the sites and try new thing. A lot of people make it a point to save money annually so they can take bucket list trips or just take a holiday and see the world.

Now most often than not people tend to travel abroad. Which involves air travel and then we come to the question does size really matter?

The size referred to here is the size of the airport. Now most countries have more than one airport depending on the size of the country. Now the countries that have more than one airport possibly have massive international airports where they direct a lot of their incoming traffic and smaller domestic airports which is usually used for internal flights.

Now most of the international airports are massive and they sprawl over acres and acres of land. This means that the airport is built to service the huge traffic of travellers that walk through. So now if we take Singapore, the Changi airport is a topic of most conversations only because of the sheer size of it. Anything one’s heart desire can be found in the Changi airport. To ranges of luxury brands to a few any kind of entertainment if shopping isn’t your thing. Apart from that there are game arcades and even natural attractions and play corners for kids in case parents want a break.

The Changi air port however has become the international hub for most continents as it has planes coming from almost ever route. All airline has made sure they have landing facilities at the Changi airport as it is one of the biggest airports is the world. But this only comes to the point of is it because the airport is massive or that Singapore in general has such good discipline that the size of the airport would not matter.

This has two schools of thought one is that Singapore as a country has such good discipline and is o vey methodical in how they do things that no matter the size of the airport they would have had one of the busiest airports in the world. But the how long would it take for the world to build its confidence.

Also, if one were to take Singapore in general as a country, they seem to be a country that follows the methodology of go big or go home. For a man-made country they have everything that any one could or want to do. The country is kept in top notch shape by the citizens who follow a strict rule of conduct. The forces help the citizens by showing them the correct way to do things.

They have all the franchises anyone could desire in the country and is accessible to anyone. There have been no reports of violence or revolution with in the country. So does this apply to the airport. If you were to look at Singapore airlines. The air busses are massive and are spacious. All the seats are comfortable weather you are traveling in first class or economy class the seats are spaced and not crowded. Passengers are comfortable and the flights don’t feel so long.

So, we still beg the question does size really matter. the answer is yes size really does. Because if not for size, then these things would go unnoticed. It’s the size of the water fall in the Changi airport that gets it noticed the same way that it’s the size of the air bus that allows a passenger a comfortable journey on a Singapore airlines flight.


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