GFS Lanka sets the bar high in container feeder operations via Sri Lanka


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GFS Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. is the Sri Lankan representation of Global Feeder Shipping LLC (GFS), a leading feeder shipping line headquartered in Dubai. The company has been established to serve the liner shipping industry with over 30 years of experience in Container Feeder operations.

Sri Lanka’s role in the global trade route is incomparable, with the country’s prime location in the center of the Indian Ocean, its close proximity to the Indian Subcontinent, and being a mere 12 nautical miles away from the main maritime silk route between China and Europe. The island nation has a total area of 65,610 square kilometers (25,330 sq mi), with 64,630 square kilometers (24,950 sq mi) of land and 980 square kilometers (380 sq mi) of water, featuring four major commercial ports from all four directions of the island. With over 600+ ships a month entering the country’s waters for various purposes, Sri Lanka has cemented its name as a location that is essential for global trade routes to flourish. 

As one of Sri Lanka’s largest feeder operators, GFS’ diversified coverage remains comprehensive and dependable, staying true to its brand promise at all times and facilitating East-West connectivity along the maritime silk route interconnecting the East, West, and South of India as well as the Upper Bay of Bengal and Gulf destinations via Colombo.                                                         

GFS’ is cognizant of the pivotal role played by its feeders in the global supply chain network. Every minute counts and any delay or lack of immaculate operations results in losses worth millions to the clients. Staying true to the values of the company: Respect, Trust, Integrity, and Innovation, each and every business activity of the company is carried out to meet unparalleled excellence and uninterrupted connectivity between the major shipping hubs to their surrounding markets, including the Middle Eastern, Asian and African regions.                                                           

Global Feeder Shipping LLC, operates a number of service networks inter-connecting the Indian Subcontinent to the rest of the world with a fleet of 42 ships including feeders with a maximum container capacity of 7,070 TEU and reefer capacity: 586 sockets. Whilst staying ahead in its continuous improvement of services, state-of-the-art systems, andinnovative processesto continue serving the global trade effectively, GFS aims to serve the Container Industry’s biggest names and become a major contributor to the regional linear industry.

Such a big dream is well encouraged, empowered, and supported by the parent company of GFS Lanka. Renowned as the most diversified shipping and marine group in Sri Lanka with over 20+ subsidiaries under its belt, the Ceyline Group has marked this tiny island’s name on the global maritime map as an indispensable location. The Ceyline Group plays an invaluable role in shaping the operations of GFS Lanka to fit all domestic operating conditions.

Each and every member of the company believe that the turbulent times that Sri Laka is facing currently cannot be an excuse to compromise the services and the quality of operations. The Group established various contingency plans and counter strategies to face the stringent post-pandemic maritime requirements and the resulting challenges due to the economic crisis of the country. One such remarkable initiative taken was that each and every company in the group should complement and offer support to one another to make sure the requirements of the client base are met from all four ports of the country as well as across the region. This further enabled and opened many doors for the internal companies to achieve exceptional operational excellence. GFS Lanka followed the same as well to ensure that a wider network of feeders in the region was always ready to embark on the customers’ requirements and contribute to the country’s economy by fulfilling the much-needed dollar revenue.


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