African countries focus on solar power to electrify hospitals

Abuja, Nigeria (CU)_ Nuru International, Aress, Havenhill Synergy Limited, WindGen Power USA, and Zhyphen are the five major solar energy suppliers that have been chosen to implement a pilot program to electrify numerous hospitals in the African countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo, Benin, Nigeria, and Mozambique by installing solar systems in the designated health centers.

After a call for tenders in March 2021 by Shell Foundation and Odyssey Energy Solutions’ Powering Health platform, these companies were chosen by the developer of the project based on their experience with solar photovoltaic energy electrification projects, their potential to complete the work within 3 to 10 months after receiving funds, and their capacity to obtain more than half of the funds required for the project’s implementation from other financial partners.


Nuru International will operate from…

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