Pre-pandemic capacity dream coming true for Cathay Pacific.


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(Commonwealth Union) – Before the pandemic hit the travel industry, going to a foreign country on vacation was an absolute dream. But of course, the dreams shattered with COVID-19. The pandemic itself was so bad and spread so easily that countries closed borders for month on end and all travel was banned unless it was a dire emergency.

Even when lockdowns and border closures were beginning to ease, traveling itself was an absolute nightmare. There was whole medical process as well as quarantine involved if one wanted a holiday and even the holiday wasn’t actually a holiday as for in most countries you could not leave your hotel.

Airlines and airports took a massive hit because of this, and it was Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific Airways that started to get back on their feet and made a claim that they should be able to do so before 2025. Now this was a good time period but by the end of 2021 countries had begun to realize that they need tourism to help keep their economies afloat. Granted most economies don’t depend on tourism but it still brings a good amount of cash in to the country.

Cathay Pacific started running their normal routes as soon as the travel bans were lifted. Which meant that they had full aircrafts and was making head way into making money for the airline.

Ronald Lam who is expected to take over as the Chief Executive Officer from the year 2023 has stated with absolute confidence that they will reach their pre-pandemic rates a lot sooner than they had expected. This is good news since the airline has been working towards this goal and its nice to see that they are reaching these goals as time goes by.


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