Sword-fighting grandma of Kerala is an inspiration to the current generation!

Kerala, India (CU)_ Meenakshi Amma, who is 78 years old, skillfully wards off her son with a bamboo cane, demonstrating her proficiency in kalari, which is the oldest martial art in India. In Kerala, southern India, the great-grandmother has been instrumental in restoring back the ancient art kalaripayattu, and in motivating females to practice it for safety measures.

The chief of the Kadathanad Kalari Sangham school, which was founded by her late husband in 1949, spoke about her Kalari experience. She said, “I started kalari when I was seven years old. I am 78 now. I am still practising, learning and teaching. When you open the newspapers, you only see news of violence against women”. She added, “When women learn this martial art, they feel physically and mentally strong and it makes them confident to work and travel alone.”


Kalari, which incorporates dance and yoga movements, also uses some weapons such as…

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