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Delhi railway station’s newest attraction


For its efforts in vitalizing stations and enhancing facilities, Indian Railways has been creating headlines, directing on integrating art and greenery into its surroundings. However, a new creativity by the railway authority has flashed widespread conversation and interest. At New Delhi Railway Station, among the busy operation of nearly 350 trains every day, a fresh attraction has appeared. Unlike common art pieces, this instant, the attention gleams on an extraordinary botanic addition—an eye-appealing tree.

   New Delhi Station acts as an energetic transportation center, enabling the travel requirements of thousands each day. It not only hosts prestigious trains like Rajdhani but similarly serves as the exit point for first-class services such as Vande Bharat and Amrit Bharat, linking travelers to major states across the country.

Indian Railways is dedicated to uplifting stations to world-class standards, with New Delhi Station spearheading a prime example. Together with over 1,000 stations undergoing revitalization nationwide, New Delhi Station has experienced significant renovations. Particularly, the VIP admission area, frequently used by dignitaries like MPs and Union heads, has been refurbished with lush vegetation.

According to information from News18, this distinctive improvement, introduced from Thailand, serves as an indication of Indian Railways’ pledge to transform stations into world-class centers. The attraction is planted at the VIP entry point of New Delhi station. From here, ministers, MPs, and various other MLAs enter platform number one from this side. Due to this reason, security staff have been positioned.

Although the tree is a striking addition, its maintenance necessitates particular care and resources. With scheduled monthly feedings of one liter of protein estimated at Rs 2,500, with added expenses for fertilizers and water accumulating about Rs 5,000, sustaining this botanical jewel is no simple task. Visitors to New Delhi Station, actively seek out this unusual botanical addition. It serves as a prominent specimen of Indian Railways’ pioneering strides towards generating world-class stations that integrate functionality with artistic appeal.



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