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Extra weight means Extra seat


Global (COMMONWEALTH UNION) – in the moderns day there have been a lot of issues or rather topics that have become insensitive or even politically incorrect to discuss in the open. One of these issues is how much someone weighs. The size of someone’s body is no longer seen as an issue any longer. To objectify someone by how much they weight is now seen as discrimination and places and people who do so can be charged legally for weight discrimination.

This isn’t a trend but mor of a movement that has been happening for a little while but with the social media exposure has helped to bring certain issues to life. The most common thing we see is that fact that aircrafts are asking passengers to buy an extra seat if they weigh more than a certain amount. How whilst you won’t need to get on a scale at the airport at check in if the staff feel that you are over weight then they can ask you to buy the extra seat.

Many airlines have come under fire because of this from the public and the question has always been why are you restricted from travelling if you are overweight. The answer was very simple. Airlines have come out publicly and said that they did not mean to body shame or fat shame or anything like that but this is because there is a case of a weight limit that an air bus can carry.

The weight on the plane has to be limited as they are thousands of feet above ground which means that the air bus cannot weigh more than a certain amount without it being a flight risk. Now one would think that a flight risk is a very serious situation and when fling that is the one thing you would want to avoid.

There are speculations that this is because it was at some point it was considered insensitive subject but to play devils advocate would be that if there is a weight limit on luggage then why can there not be a weight limit of the passengers.

If the passengers are over a weight limit, then is it not possible for people to request mor weight on their luggage. The thing here is that whilst it is a sensitive issue it is still an issue. It is very easy for someone to pull out their phones and record a conversation but we have to look at both sides of the coin. Yes, whilst it seen as rude and insensitive to point out that you need to buy another the flip side is that it is a safety issue that the staff needs to address.



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