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From haunted to luxurious


Hotels (Commonwealth Union) _ In a bold move, Ireland’s notorious haunted mansion, Loftus Hall, situated in County Wexford, is undergoing a remarkable transformation into a luxury hotel. Renowned worldwide for its eerie paranormal activities and devilish legends, Loftus Hall has long piqued the curiosity of ghost hunters and thrill-seekers alike.

Legend has it that in 1766, on a fateful stormy night, a mysterious stranger sought refuge at Loftus Hall. Over time, the daughter of the house, Anne, became enamoured with him. However, during a game of cards, Anne discovered the stranger’s sinister secret—a cloven hoof, revealing his true identity as the devil himself.

Nearly three centuries later, the Press Up hospitality group is embarking on ambitious endeavors to transform Loftus Hall into a luxurious hotel, tailored to meet the demands of Ireland’s thriving tourism sector. While preserving many of the mansion’s authentic characteristics, visitors can anticipate lavish lodgings adorned with four-poster beds, custom furnishings, and stunning vistas of the sea, all while possibly encountering ghostly inhabitants. This visionary project not only celebrates the rich history of Loftus Hall but also aims to provide guests with an unforgettable blend of luxury, heritage, and perhaps a touch of the supernatural.

Set to open its doors to guests by the conclusion of summer, the hotel strives to offer a five-star accommodation within its atmospheric, ghostly corridors. Planned enhancements encompass the integration of top-tier amenities such as a swimming pool, fitness center, conference venues, and versatile event areas, guaranteeing an all-encompassing lavish retreat for visitors seeking unparalleled comfort and indulgence.

Moreover, plans are underway to construct cottages on the surrounding grounds, offering guests a unique accommodation option immersed in Loftus Hall’s eerie ambiance. As the transformation unfolds, Loftus Hall’s legacy of mystery and intrigue will continue to captivate those seeking an unforgettable stay in Ireland’s most haunted abode.



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