Grounded container ship blocks traffic on Suez Canal

In alarming news there is seemingly a large container ship that is blocking the traffic on the Suez Canal after the vessel had run ground. It is possible that the ship ran aground as there was something in the canal that made it not deep enough for the ship to sail smoothly or there was a large object that was obstructing a side of the ship.

This thirteen thousand foot monstrosity of a container ship who was christened the Ever Green came to a dead halt as it became stuck horizontally along the vital oil and natural gas trade line blocking in the 42 North bound vessels along with 64 vessels traveling south. 

These large number of vessels are also big in size and cannot be maneuvered in small spaces. They also contain shipments to other countries which means that there could be perishable and non- perishable items in these cargo ships. Whilst all these ships have been insured it is not said how long it will take to move the Ever Green. 

The Ever Green ran aground earl morning and the tracking data showed that it had remained in the said position for over 24 hours. Tug boats were deployed by the Cairo Navy to help the Cargo ship to move and sail along but these efforts were not successful and the tugboats finally gave up. 

The Ever Green was said to be carrying good from China to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, the ship itself was as a part of the North bound convoy when this tragedy struck and it got stuck in the canal. 

The shipping agent who is GAC made the statement that “The ship was fifth in the northbound convoy. None of the vessels before it were affected, but the 15 behind it were detained at anchorages waiting for the canal to be cleared. The southbound convoy was also blocked.”

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