How Important is Good Tertiary Education for Recruitment?


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It is a common misconception in the modern corporate world that a degree does not suffice in attaining high-paying reputed jobs for graduates. However, the debate is not a new one, for the constant battle between education and experience for proper recruitment has seen a lot of back and forth over the years. While a large section of the working population believes in achieving degrees and proper qualifications in order to land a perfect job, there is also the side which is team experience. Despite all this discussion, the question still remains, how important is “good” education for recruitment?

The most important thing to understand here is that a degree, for starters, isn’t just a piece of paper and time spent working hard in college or university is most certainly not time wasted, even though it may seem like it. A degree supplies students with advanced knowledge on a specific field of interest along with the ability to apply the knowledge in real world scenarios. The entire process of acquiring a degree equips a student with the ability to research, network and become self-sufficient which are all skills an employer might seek in a potential employee.

If you’re fresh out of school with the aim of finding a good job in the job market, chances are you might be successful. In fact, recently the trends have adopted school leavers as employees in various businesses, however, the chances of climbing up the ladder are little to none without formal tertiary education. It is possible that you might flourish in the operational level, but in order to secure your spot as a manager or supervisor, a degree is essential.

There is also the common fact that school leavers are often exploited with long working days without sufficient compensation. This is because the lack of qualification or experience justifies the overtime exploitation, and most school leavers stick with it for the opportunity to learn more. However, without a degree, it is not easy to find jobs with proper compensation, or high-paying jobs.

Without a degree, options are also limited. There are certain firms which require a degree in order to offer even an operational level job in their company. Firms of this nature supply their employees with immense benefits which are both financial and non-financial. A formal tertiary education is the ticket to enjoying these benefits in established firms. As mentioned before, without a degree options are limited, this is because it is not possible to apply to certain firms, or apply for certain job roles without a degree.

These benefits of having a degree ensure that you are able to secure your position, both financially and professionally (career-wise) in the cut-throat corporate world. While experience is good in order to get better positions, a degree is fundamental in getting a proper job in the first place. As the world progresses, education is becoming more and more accessible, with funding for student loans, scholarship opportunities and concessions on tuition fees that make the overall course fee less expensive, so a degree isn’t very hard to achieve from the financial perspective as well.

So to answer the first question, yes, a good tertiary education is extremely important for recruitment. Without a degree you might get a job, with a decent pay as well, but there are many limitations to both personal and professional growth. So even if the degree seems like a drag, or a waste of money, in the grand scheme of things, it is important to elevate your personal brand with the right qualifications so you get the best compensation, enjoy benefits of employment, and still have the opportunity to grow.


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