Indian airline SpiceJet honors actor Sonu Sood with special aircraft

Mumbai, India (CU)_ The Bollywood actor Sonu Sood was honored by the Indian airline SpiceJet for his efforts in helping the needy during the lockdown times. In response to the tribute, actor Sonu Sood took to Twitter and sent an emotional tweet remembering his parents. Sonu Sood, who is known for his villain roles in movies, was celebrated as a hero on social media for successfully reuniting thousands of stranded migrants with their villages during the lockdown and for flying stranded Indian students back home during the pandemic. 

SpiceJet, in an attempt to salute the real-life hero, dedicated a special aircraft to Sonu Sood, with the words “A salute to the savior” written on it. Sonu Sood responded to the airline’s tribute with a tweet that read: “Remember coming from Moga to Mumbai on an unreserved ticket. Thank you everyone for all the love. Miss my parents more.”

Sonu Sood, a Punjabi immigrant, came to Mumbai with ambitions to become an actor. He lost his mother Saroj Sood in 2007 and father Shakti Sood in 2016. Last year, on the 13th anniversary of his mother, Sonu Sood shared a throwback photo of his mom along with a heartfelt message. He wrote, “Wish I could sit in a theatre with you and watch my film. The applause and whistles would have justified the time I had spent away from you during my struggling days.”

A photograph of Sonu Sood’s Mumbai local pass went viral last year. Sonu Sood had tweeted: “Life is a full circle.” Sonu Sood took efforts to send the helpless migrants back home during the lockdown times, and he eventually became a hero among the victims of lockdown. He also allowed healthcare professionals to use his Mumbai hotel during the pandemic. Sonu also introduced a toll-free helpline for refugees, allowing those in need to share their information over the phone and get help.

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