PM Johnson claims no transition in 2021

London, UK (CWBN)_ Amid the chaos created by the Covid-19 pandemic and the stagnation of Brexit negotiations, yesterday (21st Dec), Prime Minister Boris Johnson maintained that the UK will not be moving toward an extension to the transition period into 2021, and that  the UK is able “cope with any difficulties”.

“The position has is unchanged, there are problems. It’s vital that everyone understands that the UK has got to be able to control its own laws completely, and also that we have got to be able to control our own fisheries.” he said.

Johnson also claimed that, “WTO terms would be more than satisfactory for the UK. And we can certainly cope with any difficulties that are thrown our way. Not that we don’t want a deal but that WTO terms would be entirely satisfactory.”

However, Leader of the Scottish National Party, Nicola Sturgeon, noted that it is “unconscionable” to add to the UK’s problems under the circumstances by failing to give more time to formulate a deal. She said added that the events that have transpired due to the discovery of the new Covid-19 variant “demands our 100 percent attention”.

Johnson also said that he had “great conversation” with French President, Emmanuel Macron, on his 43rd birthday, over reopening French borders to the UK, however, chose to stay away from Brexit related topics.

“It’s his birthday by the way, but we vowed to stick off Brexit because that negotiation is being conducted via the European Commission, and that’s quite proper”.

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