Retro Fitness and Sadhguru partner to provide physical and mental health programs

Chennai, India (CU)_ Retro Fitness, the market leader in high-value, low-cost fitness, is pleased to announce the addition of a set of yoga and meditation tools and wisdom speeches given by Sadhguru to the Retro Fitness mobile app and website. Sadhguru is a globally known speaker, yogi, mystic, and visionary who has changed the lives of millions of people worldwide through his transformational programs.

As per the reports, approximately one in every five adults in the United States suffers from a mental disease, which was 51.5 million in 2019. Considering the effects of mental health on general health and fitness, Retro Fitness sought trustworthy worldwide partners who could assist in delivering its members with holistic wellbeing tools. Retro Fitness’ mobile app and website will release new episodes every week starting from October, teaching simple yet effective yoga and meditation techniques, as well as Sadhguru’s unique viewpoint on general wellness.


According to Retro Fitness, mental illness is no longer a subject to ignore and that mental health is invisibly connected with total health and fitness. As a result, Retro Fitness seeks to give world-class tools that will provide essential support to its members to boost their confidence, strength, encouragement, and motivation.

Andrew Alfano, CEO of Retro Fitness, spoke on how the pandemic affected physical and mental health of the people. He said, “We recognize that this last year has been challenging for the mental and physical wellbeing of our nation. In our effort as a globally recognized health and fitness brand, we have expanded our brand halo to incorporate additional guidance and support to our members”.


The CEO expressed optimism over partnering with Sadhguru. He added, “Our newest healthy cooking segment led by Culinary Institute of America Alumni Chef Elizabeth Makos, which airs weekly on the Retro Fitness mobile application, along with our Cobra Membership program which brings at-home and in-gym fitness together in one single and simple membership, now adds Sadhguru’s content and tools to bring about mental clarity, balance as well as support for physical health and wellbeing. The brand halo is continuing to evolve, adding value to our membership. Sadhguru possesses a perspective on life and living that intrigues and challenges us all, and we’re thrilled to be able to share his wisdom and tools with our community and to continue our efforts in creating a healthier America.”

A spokesperson from Isha Foundation appreciated the initiatives of Retro Fitness and expressed delight in collaborating with them. He said, “It is commendable that Retro Fitness is focusing on overall wellbeing instead of just physical fitness.  Isha Foundation is excited to collaborate by providing tools from ancient yogic science available to their members”.

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