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SOUTH KOREA (Commonwealth Union) – There has been some exciting things happening over the weekend that the world had no known about. Just a few days ago there was a national flight that took off from South Korea and it made its way to Brazil.

Now this information may not look like it is in anyway exciting; as one might say, what is a huge deal? Flights take from all over the world and land in destinations all the time.

But this flight was different. It was no the departure or the arrival of the plane that was interesting it, was what was inside the air craft that sparks interest all over the world. For this Boeing 747 did not carry passengers. No, it was carrying a 15 toned rocket from South Korea to Brazil. The rocket was a Hybrid rocket and has been spoken about in the last few weeks with absolute excitement. The rocket itself was developed and made in Korea by the Korean start up space company INNOSPACE.

The 15 tons beauty has been named the HANBIT – TLV. This small satellite launcher can be powered by hybrid rocket engines. This is a break through in space technology and the entire world is eagerly waiting for its maiden launch which will happen in Brazil. The launch of HANBIT has been set for December at the Alcantara launch center which is based in Brazil. This was a part of the initial agreement between INNOSPACE and the Brazilian Department of Aerospace Science and Technology.

This has been a very exciting time for the space community as a rocket like this has not been designed before. There has been talks of it but never a space center that went ahead and created one. This is the future of space.


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