Synergy Group Provides Female Seafarers with Improved PPE


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(Commonwealth) _ On more than 60 ships, Synergy Group supplies female seafarers with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that is specifically designed for them. Female mariners and maritime safety specialists collaborated with textile engineers to create the equipment. To ensure the safety of sailors, PE is crucial. To prevent accidents, appropriate equipment must be made available to all staff. While shipping aspires to be more diverse, PPE for women must be customized for their physical characteristics and environmental conditions. According to the Confidential Human Factors Incident Reporting Programme study conducted in 2019, female seafarers’ equipment is ill-fitting, insufficient, and unpleasant.

The rising number of female seafarers at Synergy Group, one of the top ship managers in the world with a varied fleet of over 540 vessels, are receiving new, custom-made Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Hercules Safety was hired by Synergy, which employs over 20,000 seafarers, to produce the new equipment at the highest standards.

To guarantee the final cut maximized comfort and adaptability for personnel deployed in a marine work environment where the greatest standards of protection are necessary, textile engineers worked with female sailors and maritime safety experts to create the PPE. 100% soft and durable cotton makes up the material, which has high-stress seams reinforced for added safety and comfort over time. With 3M reflective strips created to maximize visibility in all marine operating settings, the PPE is also extremely visible.

All female crew members are now receiving the new Hercules Safety PPE as port rotations permit. Almost 60 Synergy-managed ships with female seafarers currently on board are included in the roll-out. The new PPE’s commission, according to Chief Officer Reshma Murkar, delivered a great message about equality to the marine industry. She claimed that in order to be entirely work-ready, they must have the best fit, which they currently do.

Noopur Mohire, a third officer, remarked that many seafarer items were unsuitable for women since they were made with just males in mind. He asserted that because female seafarers were involved in the design process by Hercules Safety, the new PPE is quite pleasant to wear. Because of Synergy’s progressive practices on diversity, inclusion, and equality, both the firm and the women who work there have grown and prospered. Synergy’s dedication to supporting female mariners also includes the Chakra Scholarship, which enables children between the ages of 14 and 15 to start their training for a career in the maritime sector.

Synergy, a leading maritime services provider, has a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) team that participates in significant marine outreach activities in India. The CSR team works closely with NGO partners such as SEVALAYA in Chennai and a municipal school managed by Muktangan in Mumbai to support community development initiatives.

One of the key focus areas of Synergy’s CSR activities is to promote gender equality and empower women. The company believes in creating an environment where women feel comfortable at home and work, and their efforts are directed towards achieving this goal.

In line with this objective, Synergy has made sure that their PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) is not only safe and functional but also comfortable for women to wear. This attention to detail highlights the company’s commitment to promoting gender equality and ensuring that women feel comfortable and safe while working in the maritime industry.

By partnering with NGOs and working towards community development initiatives, Synergy is making a positive impact on the lives of people in the communities it operates in. The company’s CSR activities are also aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to achieve gender equality, promote decent work and economic growth, and support sustainable communities. Overall, Synergy’s commitment to CSR and community development initiatives demonstrates the company’s focus on creating a positive impact on society beyond its core business operations.


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