The Singapore airline crew has been requested to wear tracking devices at all times when on layovers.

Airlines are coming down hard on their inflight employees where safety is concerned for themselves and the countries they originate from. With the rising pandemic airline crews have been forbidden form doing many thing they would normally do on a layover. But alas now they are not even allowed to leave their hotel room and the airline to make sure they comply with this have asked them to wear a tracking device so that they can be monitored at all times.

There has been a fee incidents where airline crews have contracted the disease because they have not adhered to the rules and regulations set out by the airline. It is coming to the point that employees are getting legal action taken against them for breaking the rules or losing their jobs.

In the latest attempt by the airlines to keep their passengers as well as the crew safe is to request the crew to wear a tracking device so that they know for a fact where the crew goes and if they are breaking the rules by leaving the hotel room. This also makes sure that they are isolated from everyone including other crew members.

These rules and regulations aren’t just imposed but are carefully determined by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS). There are also other rules such as social distancing while on flight where there is minimum risk to the staff as well as the passengers. Some of them are that the galley way of the air craft cannot be crowded, thy must stay in the located work space and have their safety gear on at all times.

Apart from this on returning to Singapore the crew has further rules to follow, they must go straight home after doing the compulsory PCR and then self-isolate before conducting 2 more PCR tests to make sure they are not carriers of the disease. In the efforts it is shown that only 2 individuals have caught the virus which in itself is a victory for the airline to keep the number so low. The media has reached out to Singapore airlines for a comment but has not gotten an answer thus far.

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