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Zimbabwe’s Premier Property Showcase in the UK


Diaspora (Commonwealth Union) _ SEEF Zimbabwe is poised to host a groundbreaking property exhibition, slated to be the foremost showcase of Zimbabwean real estate in the United Kingdom within the next four months.

Organized by Zim Inspired Limited on behalf of SEEF Zimbabwe, this event, scheduled for July 13 at the prestigious Hilton Birmingham Metropole Hotel, marks a significant milestone in diaspora investment empowerment.

The Zim Diaspora Property Showcase seeks to forge vital connections between Zimbabwean property enterprises and the vibrant Zimbabwean community in the UK. In addressing the challenges faced by diasporans in managing and investing in property remotely, the event promises to offer reliable solutions and encourage reinvestment in Zimbabwe’s real estate sector.

In response to alarming tales of investments lost due to unscrupulous agencies and familial complications, the showcase aspires to instill trust and confidence in potential investors.

Over 40 exhibitors, including top developers, financial institutions, conveyancers, suppliers, and property consultants, will grace the event, providing attendees with a comprehensive view of Zimbabwe’s real estate landscape.

Featuring engaging discussion panels, presentations by industry experts, and ample networking opportunities, the showcase is meticulously designed to empower Zimbabweans in the UK to make informed and secure investments in their homeland’s property market.

Patience Patongamwoyo, Managing Director and Licensee of SEEF Zimbabwe, expressed profound excitement about the event’s potential impact. She views it as a pivotal moment in bridging the gap between the burgeoning Zimbabwean diaspora market and the dynamic property sector back home.

The showcase has garnered support from industry giants, whose participation underscores a collective commitment to fostering economic growth in Zimbabwe through diaspora-driven investment initiatives.

In line with the ethos of community support, entry to the Zim Diaspora Property Showcase is complimentary. Attendees are encouraged to pre-register and extend invitations to friends and family, ensuring widespread exploration of the myriad opportunities and insights available.

SEEF Zimbabwe’s endeavor represents not just a property exhibition but a transformative platform for empowering diaspora investment and driving economic prosperity in Zimbabwe.



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