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Cartier has stopped looking for…a


Mumbai (Commonwealth Union)_ Deepika Padukone continues to soar to new heights in her career. One of her recent triumphs includes her official participation in Cartier’s global campaign after being appointed as the brand’s global ambassador last year. Currently, she represents Cartier’s latest collection, ‘Le Voyage Recommence’ in May 2023, and we are thrilled to witness her remarkable ascent on the global stage. Deepika Padukone shared images on her Instagram profile, following the excitement generated by numerous fan pages across various social media platforms.

In the stunning images, Deepika adorns bespoke pieces from Cartier’s latest diamond jewelry collection, showcasing the undeniable allure of diamonds. Cartier’s ‘Le Voyage Recommence’ was unveiled during an exquisite Italian garden soirée in Florence, featuring a stunning high jewelry collection comprising 90 unique pieces. The event, held at the Villa Reale di Marlia in Tuscany, welcomed an esteemed guest list of A-list stars and brand ambassadors who showcased this exceptional collection.

Cartier approaches its timeless craftsmanship from a fresh and unexpected perspective in this latest collection, presenting the Maison’s signature elements in a captivating and novel manner. The exhibition at Villa Reale di Marlia was a spectacular showcase of over 350 pieces, expertly blending sophistication with organic elements that encapsulate the very essence of Cartier’s brand inspiration and ideas.,

Pierre Rainero, Cartier’s Director of Image, Style, and Heritage, expressed the brand’s perpetual pursuit of beauty and innovation, stating, “The sense of beauty evolves. At Cartier, we are always on the lookout. Le voyage recommencé is a journey of shapes. The concept of geometry has played a crucial role in the history of our creations. The geometry in these works is entirely original. The culture of the eye has significantly evolved. In our world, beauty is still an objective and there is an expectation for this and innovation, something that creates a pleasant surprise. When people visit us, they want everything.”

Deepika Padukone’s global presence continues to reach unprecedented heights, and there appears to be no end in sight. As the global brand ambassador for renowned brands such as Louis Vuitton and Levi’s, among many others, she consistently receives international recognition for her contributions to the world of fashion and beyond. In terms of work, deepika is currently busy shooting for Fighter alongside Hrithik Roshan, and Project K opposite Prabhas and Amitabh Bachchan, which will be her debut in the Telugu cinema.



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