Fixing relationships with forgiveness can avoid moral damage


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Canada (Commonwealth Union) – Forgiveness plays a key role in divine healing, as quite often holding grudges can result in unhealthy self-destructive behaviors.

According to a new article from University of Alberta’s Lorraine Smith-MacDonald, a post-doctoral fellow with the Heroes in Mind, Advocacy and Research Consortium (HiMARC) in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine, indicated that through moral injury, together with post-traumatic stress-related disorders, anyone could be impacted. However, veterans and military service members face an increased risk of experiencing these conditions as a result of their occupation. For this reason, finding ways to assist individuals get better from moral wounds is essential.

According to the article, forgiveness practices can be a significant factor. Researchers including Smith-MacDonald together with HiMARC director Suzette Brémault-Phillips, emphasized the way interventions may be incorporated into the recovery steps.

The former pointed out that moral injury can happen when a person is aware what needs to be done or what they fundamentally consider to be the correct thing, but not able to do that for whatever issue. This may also occur when a person transgresses their strongly held morals and values, or may see someone else engage in it. Finding methods to assist those with moral injury recover is critical due to the possible wide-ranging physical, psychological and social destruction that can result, she says. Particularly, relationships with oneself and others can be significantly impacted. “If moral injury is left untreated, it is likely that consequences will arise in each of those domains.”

Smith-MacDonald further stated that on top of strengthening forgiveness skills, people may need to start by handling minor issues and proceeding to bigger areas of struggle as they hone those forgiveness skills through practice.

It is often believed that science and spiritual healing are separate. However, more researchers from a variety of field are now bridging this gap.


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