Focused on hunger and education, this 29-year-old professional is working to uplift slums

Nilay Agarwal, an ontologist by profession, always wanted to do something impactful. The 29-year-old wanted to do something for society outside of his regular 8-hours job. As he comes from a modest background, he has worked hard to be successful in his career before starting an NGO. However, one event propelled him into action.

A friend of his, who was about to have her wedding in a few days, passed away in a car accident. “We were all happy and preparing for her wedding. However, her passing away reminded me that life is indeed concise, and we must do what we want without waiting — we might not get a second chance,” Nilay stated to the media when asked to comment.

After this incident, in 2019, he decided to start his foundation…

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