ITC Hotels new luxury brand ‘Mementos’ to push managed property biz

ITC Hotels announced earlier this week about the launch of ‘Mementos’ with signing up the first property Ekaaya in Udaipur under the luxury brand. ITC as a brand has been making its name throughout India as well as internationally. The brand has been making strategic purchases around the world and creating different luxury brands and lines of holiday experiences.

With its “asset right” strategy, the launch of the niche brand will help the group expand its footprint across the country through management contracts, a company official said. There have been many statements made by the brand managers of this massive operation and they have been recived with pleasure by the consumers as well as the rest of the world.

“Our footprint is expanding across the length and breadth of the country. The asset right strategy supports our endeavour to create and curate immersive experiences for all travellers. Brand ‘Mementos’ helps us deliver unique luxury stays across different destinations,” ITC Hotels Chief Executive Anil Chadha said.

Ekaaya, spread over 106 acres of land, offers 130 rooms. This new luxury property is supposed the best of the lot and its beauty cannot be compared to most. Sprawling over a beautiful amount of land this luxury vacation spot is bound to bring the brand the attention it well deserves.

Brand ‘Mementos’ in the luxury segment and ‘Storii’ in the premium category are the latest addition to the hotel group’s portfolio. It is actually a very exciting time for the hotel chain to be coming out with something this fantastic.

ITC Hotels operates with six brands, offering hospitality solutions through more than 100 hotels in over 70 destinations.

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