Ophthalmic lens coaters ‘Made in India’


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(Commonwealth) _ Hind High Vacuum Co, a leading manufacturer of vacuum equipment in India, has recently introduced a new line of ophthalmic lens coaters that are proudly “Made in India.” This development marks a significant step forward for the Indian manufacturing industry and the country’s efforts to become a self-reliant nation.

Ophthalmic lens coaters are essential tools used in the production of eyeglasses and contact lenses. They are used to apply various coatings to the lenses, such as anti-glare and scratch-resistant coatings. These coatings enhance the performance and durability of the lenses, making them more comfortable and long-lasting for the wearer.

Traditionally, India has been a net importer of ophthalmic lens coaters, which has resulted in a significant outflow of foreign exchange. However, with the introduction of Hind High Vacuum Co’s “Made in India” ophthalmic lens coaters, the country can now meet its domestic demand for these tools and reduce its reliance on foreign imports.

For small and mid-sized prescription laboratories, the initial model, the “OPTICOAT 600,” is the ideal size. The next sizes, “OPTICOAT 1100” and “OPTICOAT 1400,” are made to help the country’s bigger lens manufacturers.

The new line of ophthalmic lens coaters is equipped with the latest technology and features that ensure high-quality coatings and optimal performance. The coaters are designed to be user-friendly, efficient, and easy to maintain, making them an ideal choice for small and medium-scale eyewear manufacturers.

The machines, which were wholly created in the Bengaluru plant of HHV, are constructed with premium stainless-steel vacuum chambers that have an electropolished surface and remote accessibility for software maintenance and upgrade. With the help of a strong pumping system, they can quickly pump down to process pressure and are equipped for simple loading and unloading of lens batches. Also, they include an intuitive touchscreen interface and a ton of pre-programmed recipes.

Due to the rising number of people who require vision correction, the demand for ophthalmic lenses has been rising significantly. The availability of lenses to a larger spectrum of clients has increased thanks to technological developments, fueling additional demand. Between 2021 and 2026, the global market for ophthalmic lenses is anticipated to expand at a CAGR of 5.5%.

The OPTICOAT line of ophthalmic coating systems is being launched by HHV with great excitement for the Indian and international markets. This most recent milestone emphasizes HHV’s unwavering efforts to construct world-class systems in India. According to Prasanth Sakhamuri, the managing director of HHV, the company’s credo is consistent with the Athamanirbhar initiative, which is backed by the Indian government and aims to make India a global leader in cutting-edge technology.

The marketing plan will put a strong emphasis on forging alliances with wholesalers, retailers, and large-scale lens producers who specialize in selling lenses on prescription. HHV intends to establish itself as one of the top players in the optical lens deposition equipment industry with a team of skilled specialists and cutting-edge equipment that has been created and constructed. Prasanth Sakhamuri added.

In addition to having a global marketing and aftersales staff that can offer technical assistance after the sale, HHV specializes in the production of equipment for specialized optical coating applications. The company’s objective is to give clients who need prescription glasses or contacts access to equipment that can make high-quality lens coatings at a reasonable price.

A variety of specialized tools are available from HHV in the ophthalmology market for coating single-vision, multifocal, and progressive lenses with a hard coat and an anti-reflection coating. Plastic, polycarbonate, and high-index lens materials are just a few of the lens materials that may be coated with this technology. Modern ion-assisted electron beam vacuum process technology is used to apply coatings on lenses. To precisely match the demands of its clients, the machinery and procedures will be customized.I


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