UK announces world’s first transnational solar grid plan with fellow commonwealth member

GLASGOW (CU)_Over the recent months, India has been a global leaders in generating renewable energy, as the South Asian nation accelerates efforts to cut back on its reliance on fossil fuels. In August this year, the country’s capacity of generating renewable energy has crossed 100 gigawatt (GW), escalating it to 4th place in the world in terms of installed Renewable Energy capacity.

One of the critical sources which has contributed to this major achievement is solar power, and on Tuesday (2 November), Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, together with his UK counterpart Boris Johnson, unveiled plans for the world’s first transnational network of interconnected solar power grids. Known as the Green Grids Initiative: One Sun One World One Grid (GGI-OSOWOG), the plan was launched on the second day of the COP26 in Glasgow this week.

The plans were announced by the two leaders who represented the Presidency of the International Solar Alliance (ISA), India, and the host of this year’s Conference of the Parties, the United Kingdom. It is reported that the United States, France and Australia will be among the main members of the initiative, which aims to produce solar energy for countries across the globe through a series of interconnected grids. It also has the backing of 80 other members of the ISA.

In his address, PM Modi underscored the significance of this initiative in minimising greenhouse gas emissions and reducing the cost of energy. “The challenge is that solar energy is available only in the day and is also dependent on weather. ‘One Sun, One World, One Grid’ is the answer to this challenge. With a worldwide grid, clean energy will be available everywhere, every time,” he noted.

“With this creative initiative, the carbon footprint will be reduced, and the cost of energy will also come down. It will also foster a spirit of cooperation among different countries and regions of the world,” the Indian leader added.

Meanwhile, PM Johnson celebrated the initiative, for its environmental and economic benefits. “[…] working hand-in-hand with our friends in India to transform the future of the power sector and ensure clean and reliable electricity is accessible everywhere by the end of this decade. It’s fantastic that more than 80 countries have backed our newly launched Green Grids Initiative, whose collaboration will not only see greater growth, jobs and investment in our global green future but also make sure no one is left without access to energy,” he said.

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