Cipla launches a wireless handheld spirometer for detection of COPD and asthma

Mumbai, India (CU)_ Cipla, the country’s leading pharmaceutical company, announced the debut of the first pneumotach-based portable wireless spirometer in the nation for the detection of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and asthma. According to the statement from Cipla, as part of its mission to improve its rank as the lung leader in the nation, the firm hopes to revolutionize obstructive airway disease (OAD) diagnostics through the launch of Spirofy.

Umang Vohra, MD and Global CEO of Cipla, spoke about the company’s focus towards respiratory diseases. He said, “Cipla has been steadfastly focused on addressing the world’s growing respiratory disease burden, and with this launch, we see ourselves steadily advancing to combat chronic respiratory ailments like COPD”. He added, “The Spirofy launch aims to help doctors across the country to improve the lives of patients through accurate and affordable diagnosis”.

COPD is currently the second leading cause of…

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