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Just get rid of them – Yeezys


GLOBAL (COMMONWEALTH UNION) – Kanye West has a way of making people regret the decision they took to work with him as soon as he has some kind of episode and decides to offend the entire world.

Looks like he has done it again with the Adidas CEO. It seems that Kanye Wests social media out bursts were the reason he lost his partnership with Adidas and they refused to work with him on his line of shoes called the Yeezy.

But of course, the CEO of Adidas made no effort at all to hide is displeasure of the situation that was single handedly caused by the famous rapper. Now with no Kanye Adidas still however has a huge stock of the Yeezy shoes that they cannot get rid of.

The sales team at Adidas is sitting on a production of Yeezy’s worth 1.3 billion and their only goal to get rid of them and the CEO has made it clear that he does care how burn, them donate them, sell them but at the end of the day just get rid of them.

Now for the true Yeezy followers this might be an amazing opportunity to get their hand on a pair of the shoes at low cost or even free. But not a lot of people want to be associated with the fact that they are openly supporting Kanye.

CEO Biorn Gulden signed of a press release where he quoted that

“Since I started here, I probably got 500 different business proposals for people who would like to buy the [Yeezy] inventory, but again, that will not necessarily be the right thing to do, that’s one extreme, the other side is to say we burn it or we do whatever it takes to destroy it and it disappears, then you have another issue.”



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