Lukla: Would you dare land in here?!


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GLOBAL (COMMONWEALTH UNION) – most of us like to think we like to live on the fast lane but come crunch time almost 90% of us so called dare devils would easily not be up to whatever risk it is that we are taking just for kicks and giggles.

Now imagine that being your job. Nepal is known for one thing and that is the Everest Summit. This is one of the most famous mountain summits in the world. But what you didn’t know was that Lukla in Nepal is also known for the most dangerous Airport in the world. When you go to Lukla or even if you were to Google the worlds most dangerous airport the first thing you will see is Lukla, Nepal.

The runway is set is such a way that if the pilot doesn’t take off at the right second, they will crash into the mountain range which means instant death to everyone in the air craft.

It was said that more than 300 people have died only just attempting the summit of Mount Everest. There is no number recorded for the amount of people who have lost their lives on this runway cos the pilot made the hairline mistake.

As a pilot there are airports that’s going to test your skills and not every runway will never be the same. Sometimes its thing like short runways then there is the wind shear and mountain terrain. There is even the fact that the runways are remote and set in difficult positions.

But in Lukla its not only low air pressure, but the entire runway is also surrounded by mountains. The little runway is more or less perched on a little mountain on itself. One end of the mountain there is a mountain wall and the other end of the runway is a straight drop into the valley.

The pilots who fly the planes from this runway take the extra precaution just to make sure they make it out a live and most often than not they do.


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