Momentary closure of airport due to religious procession


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INDIA (Commonwealth Union) – If there is one thing that India celebrates without hesitation is its religions and its cultures. One who has been to the beautiful land that is India will see that it is a beautiful pot of melting cultures. Whilst Hinduism is the majority religion the country has peaceful co-existence with all the other religions and cultures that has settled on its land.

Now Hinduism alone has many sub sections to it. There are so many religious festivals that take place in India that unless you are a local or a very knowledgeable on the religion it would be hard to keep up. Yet the celebrations are all the same. They take pride in their beliefs and they celebrate the gods in a loud, fun and colourful manner.

The blessings are seen in abundance and almost every celebration has its own uniqueness to it. However, all this being said, sometimes these celebrations can cause minor inconveniences. As we see today, an entire airport had to shut down for a few hours so that a religious procession could pass through.

Now of course the Indians would never disrespect their religion or any other religion celebrating a festival. However, things like this can cause financial damage to many industries that help keep the Indian economy going. For a fact, the closing of this airport has probably cost the airport money.

When airports are shut down last minute then flights have to circle or be redirected. This means that now the airport is responsible for the passengers that have been rerouted to another airport and also the fuel the planes have used to do so. Then we come to the fact that passengers have to be compensated if connecting flights have been missed.

Assuming the airport was previously warned that there will be such a procession so it should make necessary and needed adjustments to its schedules. The question is wood that be fair? Yes, it is a religious festival being celebrated, but at what cost? 


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